Sale & Condition

All prices are in euros and are based on 2 participants sharing the same room and/or cabin.  Prices are displayed « from » and depens on several factors such as departure date, availability and options included there in. The final rate will be communicated to you after having constitued your personalized trip and after verification of the availabilities. VAT is always included. Air fares are likely to very depending on fuel surcharge and airport taxes. In accordance with Articl L.211-12 of the Tourism Code. Choice Travel reserves the right to change between the day of registration and up to 30 days before departure, prices up or down for take into account significant varations:
a) fees and taxes relating to the services offered, such as landing, embarkation and / or landing fees at ports and airports.
b) exchange rates applied to the trip or stay in question ( the reference rate is that of the US dollar against the euro)
c) cost of fuel expressed in US dollars. Its varation is the passed on in proportion to their share in the calculation of the price of the booked trip (the reference index being Brent with the price of a barrel in US dollars)
A price review can not take place less than 30 days before departure.

A copy of your passport will be required at the time of your registration.  It is your responsability to ensure that your passport is valid at check-out and 3-6 months after the return trip date (as required by some governments).
Underage children must be in possession of identity papers in their name. Minors musthold an individual passport. The registration of minors on parent’s passports, including « old-fashioned » passports, know as Delphine passports, is now impossible. AS of January 15, 2017, the authorization to leave the territorry is reinstated for minors not accompanied by holder of parental authority. The form is accessible at the following address: