De San Francisco à Las Vegas


I will introduce you here a circuit followed by a stay in the American West which was created on request. This project evolved during its construction because the starting wish is not really defined, was two weeks in Las Vegas, Nevada. We will leave from San Francisco to Los Angeles on the mythical Highway 1 and then we will join Las Vegas, passing by the no less mythical route 66, for an 11-night stay on site. Average budget 2,600 € pp.

De San Francisco à Las Vegas

The mythical Highway 1, Route 66 and Las Vegas

The course :

San Francisco is a unique city in the world with fabulous sights, an exceptional heritage that is architectural, environmental, cultural or historical. This will be our city of entry on American soil and we’ll spend 2 nights. The third day being devoted to the California 1.

A stopover night is planned in San Luis Obispo before joining Los Angeles. City of legends. Who has never heard of Hollywood, Sunset Boulevard, Beverly Hills, Malibu, Venice Beach or even Rodeo Drive! We will spend 3 nights before joining Las Vegas for our stay.

Duration of this trip : 17 nights / 18 days


Day 1, 2 and 3

Departure from France, arriving in San Francisco in the morning. Transfer and installation in a hotel in the fisherman’s Wharf area. On the menu of these days a package « all tours  » which encompasses the open-air bus circuits of the city centre, the Golden Gate, Sausalito, the Golden Gate Park, the night circuit but also the visit of the most famous prison in the world on the island of Alcatraz. Day 3, recovery of the rental vehicle and departure.

Day 3

After taking possession of your car in a nearby Agency, direction the famous Californian road, Highway 1 to go along the Pacific coast. The program of the day, the 17 mile drive, the Bixby Creek Bridge and the McWay waterfall. We’ll make a stopover for the night in San Luis Obispo.

Day 4, 5 and 6

Relaxing morning at the hotel before heading back to Santa Monica and Venice Beach. Installation at the hotel in Los Angeles, for 3 nights. A day will be spent exploring the backstage of the world’s largest film production Studio and its amusement park, Universal Studio Hollywood. The other tours and ballads in Los Angeles will be done according to the desires.

Day 7

One day road trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. We will take Interstate 15, a section of the mythical route 66 and the Mojave Freeway. This day will be punctuated with quirky, classic, fun and refreshing stops despite this high temperature portion. This will see the 66 Road Museum, the Elmer’s Bottletree Ranch, the old woman meteorite, the ghost town of calico, and its Western décor. But also the Baghdad café or Baker’s giant thermometer (« big boy », the world’s largest). To restore you, some places will be suggested to you like the famous Peggy Sue’s.
At the end of this road trip, you will arrive in a completely different world. A world where wildest extravagances and dreams are encouraged. The Fabulous Las Vegas

Day 7 to 17

At the end of the day of this seventh day you will take possession of your hotel room on the Strip. Las Vegas, in the Mojave desert in Nevada, is a city famous for its lively nightlife, 24-hour casinos and other entertainment. The central point of the city is its main street, the Strip, which is just over 4 miles long. This Boulevard houses themed hotels and elaborate creations such as fountains synchronized with music as well as replicas of famous monuments: Egyptian pyramid, Grand Canal of Venice, Eiffel Tower and Château Fort.
Your stay on site starts here.

Day 18

Departure to the airport where you will return your car and start your journey back with, hopefully, stars full eyes.